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The Six is Coming Soon



Cat Thief Productions presents The Six, a short film written and directed by Trent Dawson based on his original play, The F. What is truth and what is paranoia? It's past midnight on a sweaty subway platform in NYC and trust is hard to come by. Did he or didn't he? Look into his eyes and see if you can find the answers.

Featuring Alejandro Hernandez ( New Amsterdam, Instinct ), Chandler Rosenthal and Lily Davis ( HappyBull ).

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The Team


Trent Dawson

Trent's acting career has spanned 25 years and includes Broadway, Off Broadway, Regional Theatre, Film and Television (where he has received three Emmy Nominations). Learn more at trentdawson.com

Fellow Commuters


Lily Davis

Alejandro Hernandez

Chandler Rosenthal


Sean Nolan

Shawna Nolan


Jeff Bailey

Suzanne Curry

Dan and Mary Dawson

Trent Dawson

Vincent Plover


Owen Strock


Fun Facts

  • The Six was filmed on a live, active subway platform in The Bronx in the dead of summer. We had no control over arrivals, departures or announcements. Nearly everything you hear happened in real time.

  • Cat Thief Productions began as a misdemeanor. A practically-abandoned tabby came to us for food, shelter and love. After he grew attached to our newborn, we abducted him. He was smuggled aboard a plane from LAX to NYC and couldn't be happier.

  • Writer/Director Trent Dawson and cinematographer Owen Strock met when Owen and his family moved next door to the Dawsons. They became neighbors and friends before becoming colleagues.


News and Screenings

We've just started submitting. You can help us bring the film to your area by clicking "Donate". Stay tuned and join our mailing list below!

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